Mother shocked to find out her young child killed family’s puppy

Puppy killed by little boy
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Most people have heard that children and dogs should not be left together unattended – typically the concern is that a dog might hurt a young child. A mother recently learned, in the most painful and disturbing fashion, that puppies can be harmed, or worse, if they are not supervised around kids.

According to Monday’s publication of the Metro, a mother discovered that her family’s puppy was dead in the garden and when she reviewed surveillance video, she found out that her four-year-old son was to blame. The Daily Mail has reported that the footage shows the boy throwing the pup “forcefully” to the ground.

The horrible situation was made public when the mother posted her concerns about what happened to the Mumsnet parenting forum. The mother, whose identity has not been released, reached out to other parents to see if they thought that her child might have other underlying “issues” which would have caused the concerning behavior.

Apparently the comments got to be so heated that the entire thread was deleted.

What are your thoughts on this terrible situation? Was it a tragic accident? Does the child have issues that require professional help?

A reminder, once again, supervise the interactions between dogs and kids – for everyone’s safety.

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  1. I would suspect the child definitely has underlined issues! At four years old, if the video shows the kid “repeatedly” throwing the puppy, the kid had to be aware the puppy was in pain as I am sure it yelped … I would strongly suggest the child be seen by a professional to determine any issues … Pretty disturbing !!! I would be curious to know if the kid tried to deny having anything to do with the poor puppies death … That would REALLY be another indicator he has a problem …. DON’T GET ANYMORE PETS LADY !!!

  2. That child has MAJOR PROBLEMS!!!!!! She should never have left them alone, that child needs to have his ass beaten and go to a PYSHCIATRIST!!!!

  3. What are may thoughts? Obviously this 4 year old didn’t know how to treat the puppy. Did he have a habit of throwing his toys around breaking them, and was he allowed to do such things? The puppy wasn’t anything more than a toy, I’m sure a 4 year old hasn’t any concept of death. This better be nipped in the bud or this woman will have a killer on her hands. Why he wasn’t being supervised while playing with the puppy at his age is any body’s guess!

  4. A heartbreaking situation for all concerned. At 4 years old this child has already succeeded in murdering an innocent animal in a violent, sadistic rage. The mother’s confusion as to whether her son has “issues” may surprise most of us who see this kid a very screwed up. But we’re not the parent so shocked to learn that the child we love could murder an innocent puppy when other children are loving and playing with their pets. I sympathize with the mother’s shock and her confusion as to what to do. But I urge her to seek the best mental health professional she can afford, and plan to have that little boy — and herself — counseled for many years. This child has tasted his power to act out his rage against a being that was powerless against him. Clearly he has no filter for his rage. He surely will cause a lot of suffering and death to animals as he’s growing up, and very likely he’ll eventually turn his rage onto another child or adult. Statistics show that the majority of serial killers and rapists have histories of torturing and killing animals to vent their anger at something less powerful than they are. This mother must act responsibly NOW.

  5. This child is a sociopath! There are those who will say that you can’t diagnose a child I say bullshit! This child killed this puppy on purpose! Children know the difference between right and wrong! The video tells the story!

  6. Just like others have stated, should never be alone with a puppy not just for this reason, but what if the dog nipped the boy on the face or body? I am certain that pup nipped the boy and his anger came out with throwing the puppy to the ground (however hard or many times). He gets angry and destructive with toys or possibly see others react with this type of anger (throwing things around. Whatever happened, this boy needs help before more serious things happen to others in his family or other pets.

  7. Sadly, this is a future sociopath. Almost every serial killer known had a history of abusing animals starting out at as young as 3 years old. Can this child be helped? Doubtful. But, help intense intervention should be tried.

  8. Sounds like a very young monster child that needs psychiatric help. A.S.A.P. Apparently the child didn’t even cry he just left the puppy there .

  9. Children LOVE animals…… normal children. If that child killed this poor innocent puppy, he is seriously ill and needs help now!! 4 year old is plenty old enough to know NOT to intentionally hurt anything or anyone….this lady has a serious problem brewing in that child!
    RIP sweet puppy….. you should have been taken better care of and watched over.

  10. What id like to know is where were the parents while the 4 year old child was abusing this poor baby?!?!?! Why was no-one around to keep an eye on a 4 year old and why did no-one hear the puppy crying in pain?? Parents get your head out of your assess and watch your kids!! This child needs professional help!! The parents may as well!!

    • Very good question, what responsible parent leaves a 4 year old unattended with or without a puppy? Had the puppy bit the boy, then the puppy would be sitting in a shelter on death row! Obviously this child has not been taught how to treat an animal and probably anything else for that matter, You leave a 4 year old to their own devices, this is what you end up with!

  11. Makings of a serial killer. What kind of emotion did the boy showed when he realized the puppy died? This boy needs professional help!

  12. YES, the child has issues! He almost certainly throws his toys around and she certainly knows he does it, so why would she have left him alone with the puppy? He’s too young to have been left alone with the puppy in any case. The puppy also must have screamed in pain, yet the child certainly continued to hurt him. Even a child that age should know better and stop when he hears screaming! She needs to nip this behavior in the bud. She’s obviously allowed him to throw things (a HUGE no-no) and become out of control. She needs to seek professional help at this point. At this age, he will remember what he’s done.

  13. This woman is a failure as a mother – both for her two-legged and four-legged children. Who in their right mind leaves a four-year-old child unattended in the yard? In this day and age, there are any number of things that could happen to them. Kids get stolen in situations like this. Or, they get seriously hurt and with nobody to take action, that can be it. Bees could have stung the kid or a poisonous snake. And, a puppy that little? Again, this woman should have been with them. No excuse for her not watching her “kids”. That said, I can see a younger child treating a living puppy like a toy, but at four years old, you’d think the child knew this was a living being and could get hurt. If the child was clueless about that, then again I’ll blame the mother. It’s up to the parents to teach a child how to handle and deal with pets (and other animals they may come across). Could the child be a budding sociopath? Possibly. Likely nothing will be done, but I think this mother needs to take some parenting classes and the child needs to have some serious sessions with a child psychiatrist. So sad!

  14. There should have been supervision why do people insist on getting puppies for their kids they are far too young to meet their needs,and for a 4 year old to pick up a puppy and purposely slam him to the ground tells me he has issues get him help right away,and please no more pets????

  15. Heartbreaking and Horrific! That evil monster must be punished to experience the consequence of doing that despicable, horrific, and agonizing murder on the innocent little puppy. At age four that evil monster INTENTIONALLY murdered that poor helpless puppy! That sicko will grow up to be an extremely dangerous and scary individual; if he is capable of murder at age four, I shudder to think what that monster will do when he/she grows up stronger and more evil! I have such strong distain for that fucking abusive monster! Angel Puppy, you didn’t have a chance to blossom, you deserved so much better. RIP ANGEL PUPPY, you are now safe in the tender loving care of Jesus and the angels. God bless you, Angel puppy. ????????????

  16. Growing up to be the next psychotic serial killer. What is wrong with these parents a four year old should know the difference between right and wrong. Absolutely the parents fault get a psychiatrist for the whole family

  17. It is very sad what this little boy did and would be worth checking him out. My brother when he was 5 years old buried a kitten alive. By the time my mother found out, it was too late and the kitten died. My mother was heartbroken and explained to my brother that you don’t do that to animals because they cannot breathe. He never did anything like this again and became a loving, caring pet owner. He is now 70 years old and did not grow up to be a killer. This was just the act of a stupid little boy who was sorry for what he’d done.

    • And who was watching this kid while a kitten was tortured to death? Great parenting. It does not take 2 mi utes do commit that kind of evil. Being buried alive is a horrific way to go. Glad he grew up okay but he never should of known the love of an animal again. What a sicko and who knows what will be uncovered in his home when he dies.

  18. This child will grow up and move on to hurting children. He is four years old and a yelping puppy has no affect on him except to keep hurting it? That is truly a bad sign. This cannot be fixed it is a known fact a child showing this type of behavior at such a young age goes on to do horrific things to other living beings.

  19. The mother has psychiatric problems too! Wondering if her child has “Issues???????” Lady, you need help! People need to be taught from birth that you don’t hurt other living things! If more people took the time to teach their children instead of letting them grow up willy nilly, this would not happen!

  20. The child is 4, not 14. Carolyn Allen’s post is the only one with a shred of sense attached to it. Yes, the child should not have been left unnattended but it’s not realistic to assume violent, sadistic, sociopathic rage from an older toddler.

    • If you ever get the chance, try and get a copy if “Without Conscience” by Dr Robert Hare. It is an eye opener about sociopathic behavior. More times than not, behavior of this sort does indicate serious issues. Doctors can diagnose oppositional defiant disorder and cannot actually diagnose sociopathy until the kid turns 18. Sadly, this behavior is an indicator of trouble down the road because the child has displayed very aggressive “forceful” behavior which led to the death of the puppy whereas the man who buried a kitten didn’t use forcefull aggression. This child appears to have profound anger issues and the mother has denial or other issues. The question to ask is what would this child do with a younger or handicapped child and what would be peoples reactions?? No – this child is dangerous and needs immediate intervention and also needs to be kept away from other children and pets.

    • Come on, your telling me that this child hasn’t shown any other signs before? Seriously?!?!?! For a 4 year old to display this type of behavior to the point of causing the death of an innocent creature without any regard for the pain he was causing, I don’t believe there weren’t any other signs. If you believe there were no signs prior to this your as much of an idiot as the mother who left a 4 year old unattended with a young puppy!!!

    • The child has issues. What they are needs to be looked into. This is not normal behavior. I hope child welfare has taken a look at this dysfunctional family.

  21. This is a very disturbed child! And why doesn’t a parent have their eyes on a 4 year old AT ALL TIMES? My mother never took her eyes off us kids ESPECIALLY at such a young age! That’s how children get seriously injured or worse! I pray this mother gets this kid help IMMEDIATELY,this is NOT typical 4 year old behavior and I hope empathy and compassion can be instilled in this child. And for the love of God DO NOT GET ANYMORE PETS!! RIP BABY DOG


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