Man who threw puppy, breaking dog’s leg, given probation

probation for man who broke puppy's leg
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A 26-year-old Chicago man has pleaded guilty to charges stemming from an act of animal cruelty towards his 16-week-old pit bull puppy. According to the Daily Herald, before being arrested, James Spencer, formerly of Elgin, admitted on social media that he had possibly broken his puppy’s leg when he threw the dog – he also complained about the veterinary expenses stemming from the cruel incident. One of Spencer’s Facebook posts read, “I think I just broke his left leg tho I threw him far as hell.”

Spencer was charged with felony animal cruelty in February and he could have faced up to three years in prison, but after pleading guilty to misdemeanor attempted animal cruelty, a judge sentenced him to probation.

The puppy injured by Spencer was seized by the authorities and taken in by the Golf Rose Animal Hospital in Schaumburg.

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  1. FU Judge – you sentenced him to PROBATION??? It’s more than misdemeanor attempted animal cruelty. First of all, it wasn’t “attempted” – it WAS animal cruelty. This POS will just get another puppy and abuse him/her and then he’ll move on to his girlfriend, her kids, their kids, the elderly. Probation…..what a crock of crap.

  2. Probation is all for causing horrors to a baby? Something is wrong with the court. When this felon goes after kids (COMMON OCCURRENCE) THE COURTS OUGHT TO BE SUED.

  3. This SOB should have gotten jail time. He had the nerve to complain about the medical expense after this scumbag injured the puppy. He should be banned forever from getting any living animal.

  4. Another slap on the wrist. OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM IS A JOKE!! What was the justice in this?? He surely learned a lesson in this sentence. He’ll do it again, I promise. He got away with it this time, He will get away with it the next. Complaining about the medical expenses, this IDIOT CAUSED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. He should be made to pay it and get jail time. Judge, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a disgrace to the justice system.

    • Totally agree! I am ashamed to say I live close to Schaumburg in Illinois and we do have some of the strongest animal cruelty laws in the country but it doesn’t do any good when the laws are not enforced and sentences are just a slap on the wrist. 🙁

  5. Just another cowardly sack of SHIT that picks on an animal. Listen up you ugly fuck!!! What you need is to be shoved in front of a bus or train.
    Stupid fuck breaks this pup’s leg and whines about a vet bill.

  6. PROBATION…… WHEN HE ADMITTED TO BEING A MONSTER???? So, now he will go get him another puppy and maybe KILL this one. WHY do the courts REFUSE TO ADMIT after many, many, tests and reports that animal abusers are very possibly GOING TO HURT OR KILL A PERSON??? They start with animals and move on to humans? These idiot judges should be held responsible if they do not make monsters spend time in jail!!! Once they go on probation and hurt or kill another animal or heaven forbid a person…………THE JUDGE SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

  7. James Spencer and this judge should both be in prison! That judge’s name should be released so the public can have him removed from practicing law for life!

  8. Another freaking judge who had the option of sending this hunk of sewer slime to prison time BUT because this judge has the backbone of overcooked spaghetti – he gave this miserable bastard probation and believe me, he will get another dog and abuse it again – I hope there is some serious street justice in store for James Spencer and he is found dead in the gutter which is exactly where he belongs.

  9. Oh yes, “I threw my dog and possibly broke it’s leg” so some stupid judge lets the POS off with probation. The idiot is still on the streets waiting until he gets mad at another animal or human so he can do the same to them! WAY TO GO JUDGE! This POS needed to be sentenced to the max 3 years in jail!

  10. What do you expect from a crack head with out his rock Im sure he treats his kids the same way.poor dog living witha gang banger .


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