Bulldog crushed to death by grooming table at PetSmart

In North Las Vegas, the owner of a two-year-old bulldog is devastated after her dog was alleged to have been crushed to death by a grooming table at PetSmart on Tuesday. Vicki Seifert had brought … Read More

Third dog dies after PetSmart grooming within 4 months

In Toms River, New Jersey, the owner of a corgi is devastated after his dog’s death allegedly being blamed on PetSmart. Chuck Crawford, 76, Abby’s owner, dropped his beloved pet off with his other corgi … Read More

Texas dog groomer fired after video of abusive treatment aired

A Katy, Texas dog groomer was fired on Friday after a video catching abusive treatment of a dog became public. According to AbcNews, customer Terah Leder was shocked by the groomer’s treatment of a … Read More