Yulin dog meat festival moving ahead in spite of dogs are pets – not food

On Sunday, the Yulin dog meat festival will begin in spite of the Chinese declaration that dogs are pets and not food. A distressing video by Humane Society International’s partners shows rows and rows of … Read More

China calls dogs ‘companions’ signaling ban on dog meat ahead of Yulin festival

Just weeks before the Yulin dog meat festival is slated to begin, China’s government called dogs “companions” reportedly signaling a wider ban on dog meat consumption.

According to the Directory of Genetic Resources of Livestock Read More

Yulin dog meat festival brutal reminder of China’s crime and cruelty

More than 15,000 dogs and cats are slaughtered in the most inhumane methods for China’s annual Yulin dog festival; a grim reminder of the crime and cruelty still existing in China.

According to Humane Society Read More

Rumored ban on dog meat sales at Yulin Festival not true

When animal advocates cheered the banning of dog meat sales at China’s Yulin Festival, finally bringing hope to the thousands and thousands of dogs and cats inhumanely slaughtered and sold during the week long ancient … Read More