Men who killed mountain lion at Yellowstone banned from hunting

In Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming, three men who were illegally hunting mountain lions in Yellowstone National Park and killed one, have been fined and banned from hunting, fishing or trapping worldwide for the next three … Read More

Trophy hunter lured famous Yellowstone wolf and shot her dead

Just outside of Yellowstone, the Lamar Canyon wolf alpha female named “Spitfire” was shot dead by a trophy hunter last weekend outside of the park in Helena, Montana

Though it was a legal shooting because … Read More

Grizzly bear hunt canceled by federal judge in Montana

A federal judge in Montana decided grizzly bears roaming around the Yellowstone National Park area are to remain a protected species, and on Monday reversed the United States Fish and Wildlife service decision to lift … Read More

Man who taunted bison at Yellowstone National Park sentenced to jail

The Oregon man who taunted a bison in Yellowstone National Park has been sentenced to jail after pleading guilty to charges against him.

According to AbcNewsMontana, Raymond Reinke, 55, pleaded guilty to four charges … Read More

Man taunting bison at Yellowstone National Park arrested

An Oregon man was arrested on Thursday night after he was seen “harassing a bison” at Yellowstone National Park. Raymond Reinke, appearing to taunt a bison crossing the road at Yellowstone National Park, was caught … Read More

Man taunts bison crossing road at Yellowstone National Park

A man appearing to taunt a bison crossing the road at Yellowstone National Park was caught on video Tuesday evening and later  posted on Facebook by Lindsey Jones.

Lindsey called the video #dontdrinkand buffalo, … Read More

Cloned baby bison at Yellowstone National Park enjoying life

Alright, so the baby bison doesn’t have a name like Spot or Tiger. She is referred to as IVF 1. Wondering how that came about? She is the first  calf born from in-vitro fertilization which … Read More