A man and his 1400 Kodiak bear share heartwarming bond

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Baby camel running loose winds up to be a llama

A camel and a llama are both members of the  Camelidae family, but interestingly enough are very easy to tell apart. Camels have one of two humps on their backs. Such was the news from … Read More

‘Tremendous hearts’ take on 20-hour raccoon rescue attempt

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Viral photo of elephants sharing one last moment together is heartbreaking

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Inauguration fundraiser: Hunting trip with the Trump sons for $1 million

For one million dollars, there’s the opportunity to start Donald Trump’s presidency off with a bang! Pony up the funds, and the day after the inauguration, a fundraiser entitled “Opening Day,” Donald Trump Jr. and … Read More

Rare white-tailed deer in NYC park will not be euthanized

Time almost ran out for a rare white-tailed deer that had been living in a Harlem park for several days. On Friday, the city planned to euthanize the buck after police captured it inside of … Read More

Former ‘selfie’ bear with chain in her nose finally freed

Just for entertaining humans,’selfie’ bears in Albania are kept in the cruelest conditions. One particular bear named Jeta caught the attention of advocates as her heartless owner paraded her through the streets with a chain … Read More

Man fed vodka to rare quokka

A disturbing Snapchat video of two young men and a woman has gone viral on social media showing the group feeding vodka to a quokka, an Australian wallaby species considered vulnerable due to their limited … Read More

Tragic death: Chained dog killed by polar bear

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Exotic animals seized from Pahrump home

On Thursday, authorities arrived at a Pahrump, Nevada home and found several exotic animals living in horrible conditions. According to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office, authorities seized a Bengal tiger, African lion, panther, fox, two … Read More