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Federal government paid ranchers $1k each for wild horses and then they sold them for slaughter

The federal government paid people $1,000 each to adopt and care for a wild horse, but many of these once protected mustangs are winding up at cattle auctions, in dusty feedlots and are being sold … Read More

Tourists at Outer Banks chase wild foal to take selfies

Three tourists at the Outer Banks beaches were seen trying to capture a month-old wild foal in order to take selfies reported the National Park Service.

The situation occurred on Friday at Shackleford Banks, … Read More

North Carolina’s wild horses weathered Hurricane Florence

The wild horses of North Carolina weathered Hurricane Florence in the face of fierce winds and heavy rains. For the last 500 years, the mustangs have lived along the Outer Banks and apparently knew exactly … Read More

Volunteers rescue wild horse stuck in cattle guard

It happened on Saturday afternoon when a Nevada Highway Patrol officer discovered a Virginia Range stallion stuck in a cattle guard near Silver Springs. The wild horse had fallen through the grates trapping his legs.… Read More

Veterinarian frees chained horse and gets the best ‘thank you’ ever

In Romania, it is a common practice to chain the front legs of horses to keep them from roaming and running away. On this particular day however, veterinarian Ovidiu Rosu intervened when he found the … Read More

Wild horses gather to mourn the death of mare who died birthing her foal

In an extremely sad yet heartwarming video, a herd of horses are shown gathering around a dead mare who died giving birth to a foal, as if both mourning her death and expressing their final … Read More