Trophy hunter bragged online she shot 60-year-old crocodile to make a purse

A trophy hunter from Sarasota, Florida bragged on her social media page that she killed a 60-year-old crocodile to make a purse. Larysa Switlyk posted a photo of the 15 ft. reptile she killed on … Read More

Trophy hunter draws outrage after Valentine’s gift to kill a giraffe

A trophy hunter has drawn outrage from animal lovers across the world after she posed with her “perfect” Valentine’s gift – the heart of a giraffe she shot and killed in South Africa. Merelize Van … Read More

Rare white giraffe fitted with tracking device after poachers killed its family

A rare white giraffe has been fitted with a tracking device for its protection in southeast Kenya after its family was killed by poachers. The giraffe has a rare genetic condition known as leucism which … Read More

American dentist who killed Cecil the lion slaughters rare sheep in Mongolia

The American dentist from Minnesota is believed to be back to slaughtering animals for his trophy collection. Walter Palmer, 60, returned from another hunting trip in Mongolia  after killing an Altai argali – the largest … Read More

Trump administration to open national wildlife refuges to hunting and fishing

The Trump administration announced on Wednesday their plans to open 2.3 million acres of national wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries in 100 national parks for hunting and fishing. Several hunting and fishing groups applauded the … Read More

Famous lone wolf of Discovery Island: Takaya shot and killed by hunter

A lone wolf that lived on a tiny island near Victoria was shot and killed by a hunter earlier this week. The B.C. Conservation Officer Service issued the following statement:

“The Discovery Island wolf, that

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Donald Trump Jr auctioning week-long trophy ‘dream hunt’

At the annual Safari Club International (SCI) convention in Reno, Nevada, Donald Trump Jr is auctioning a “dream hunt” for a week-long Sitka black-tailed deer hunt in Alaska. The bidding for the yacht-based expedition stands … Read More

Donald Trump Jr reported to have killed endangered argali sheep in Mongolia

In the remote area of Central Asia, in Western Mongolia, the endangered argali sheep live. Best known for the curving horns which easily can span more than six-feet, the population of the rare animals continues … Read More

Trophy hunters killing polar bears for fun to pose for photos

Photos of trophy hunters smirking atop of slaughtered polar bears may be another pastime for the rich and bored. The conservation status of polar bears is currently ranked as “vulnerable” or as a threatened species … Read More

Horrifying photo shows couple kissing after trophy killing of lion

In South Africa, a Canadian couple reveled in what social media has labeled a horrifying photo of them kissing over the corpse of a lion they just killed during a trophy hunt. Darren and Carolyn … Read More