German shepherd victim of ‘horrific cruelty’ in need of help

In the Las Vegas area, a German shepherd now dubbed Alexander was the victim of “horrific cruelty” according to the animal welfare organization helping him.

On Thursday, Animal Control brought Alexander to the Animal FoundationRead More

Abused 8-month-old shepherd left in cage in veterinarian’s office for weeks

No 8-month-old shepherd should look like this. The Trio Animal Foundation in Chicago was asked  by the Garrido Stray and Rescue Foundation to take on Brady and the shepherd puppy’s medical care.

Animal advocates  agree … Read More

Siberian husky puppy with leg deformities not slowing down

A Siberian husky puppy, with severe leg deformities, is showing everyone that being different is no reason to slow down. In fact the eight-week-old pooch, rescued by the Trio Animal Foundation in Chicago, is just … Read More

Four-pound emaciated dog rescued from shelter leaves advocates speechless

In an emergency rescue by Trio Animal Foundation from a Chicago city shelter, a four-pound, emaciated dog, who had been blinded by her matted fur over her face, soaked in her own urine and too … Read More