Man who took Snapchat video of dog being punched tried to claim reward

In Clinton, Michigan, the man who videoed a dog being punched in the face and subsequently posted on Snapchat has been accused to trying to claim a $2,000 reward offered by an animal rescue group … Read More

Snapchat video showed small white dog being sexually abused by boys

In a disturbing video posted to Snapchat on Monday evening, a small white dog was seen being allegedly being abused in El Paso, Texas by two young boys.

After the video was posted, thousands in … Read More

Social uproar as man caught on Snapchat dragging dog by minibike

A disturbing Snapchat video which showed a man dragging a black dog behind his minibike continues to cause social uproar. In the video posted online on February 8, the sequence of torturous behavior has been … Read More

Teen punk suspected of tossing cat into street arrested

The juvenile suspected of being the punk that was videoed on Snapchat hurling a defensive cat onto an Ontario street has been arrested. According to the Ontario Police Department news release, the unidentified teen … Read More