Dumped senior shepherd having rough time with life at shelter

Rockie is a sweet dumped senior shepherd having a very rough time at the shelter after his family surrendered him at a time when he needed them most. For 11-years, Rockie was part of the … Read More

Update on rescue of emaciated bulldog Samson at Miami shelter

Early Sunday morning, a plea went out for the urgent rescue of a sick and emaciated bulldog at Miami-Dade Animal Services. The abuse and neglect the dog, dubbed Samson had endured was horrifying.samson-miami-saved

As the… Read More

6-month-old Patterdale terrier rescued moments before euth’ed

When a six-month-old Patterdale terrier tested positive for the deadly parvovirus at the Animal Care Center of New York City on Sunday, and the shelter sent out a plea for a rescue to help, not … Read More

Stray Rescue distemper outbreak kills 17 dogs

In St. Louis, the devastating news of a distemper outbreak at Stray Rescue causing the deaths of 17 dogs was announced on the organization’s Facebook page early Sunday afternoon.

According to the rescue’s founder, Randy … Read More

18 dogs and cats rescued from horrendous conditions by Texas SPCA

On Friday, the Texas SPCA, the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and the Dallas Police Department took custody of 18 cruelly confined animals from a property in the Pleasant Grove area of Southeast Dallas County. … Read More

Urgent rescue: Sick and emaciated bulldog at open shelter

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, a sick and emaciated bulldog is waiting for a miracle. The abuse and neglect the six-year-old dog has endured is horrifying.

A Facebook page for Samson (A1826048) can be followed … Read More

Sheriff offers to pay adoption fees for 10 orphaned puppies left on side of road

Ten orphaned puppies were found abandoned on the side of the road in Needville, Texas earlier this week. Fortunately the cruel act was witnessed by a Good Samaritan who has since reported the information to … Read More

Rescued from euth’ room by big-hearted shelter worker

A kind-hearted shelter worker was so moved by an 11-year-old senior pup who undoubtedly had been broken and defeated, she was rescued from the euth’ room at the last moment. Quinn now has been given … Read More

Depressed: Before and after face of dumped shelter dog

On October 13, four-year-old Tucker was surrendered to the Inland Valley Humane Society. He was sure his family would soon return. And on October 22, Tucker knew he had become a dumped shelter dog; his … Read More

Shelter worker videoed hitting dog with chair

Animal shelters are stressful environments for all dogs; some more apt to act out in fear and bark more than others. On Tuesday, as a volunteer visited San Luis Obispo County Division of Animal ServicesRead More