UPDATE: Miami shelter dog Nina is not ‘too old and she won’t die soon’

Nina has been adopted. Many thanks to everyone for sharing her story. It worked! Check out this happy dog on the way to her new home.

Sadly, Nina continues to be overlooked and forgotten. With … Read More

Sir Troy: Abandoned in a cage on the streets and now sentenced to death at NYC shelter

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Alone and frozen in fear, emaciated shepherd waits for soft rescue voice

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Saddest dog: ‘Angel’ neglected and dumped after 10 years

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Is your heart breaking?: 14-year-old Shih Tzu Tansy needs us

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Update: Angry blind senior who faced the wall begins anew

Ten-year-old Luna, a blind senior Chihuahua figured out her family didn’t want her anymore.  Brought in as a stray to California’s Baldwin Park Animal Shelter on January 12, Luna had been microchipped, but when called, … Read More

Blind senior faces the wall day and night with little hope for adoption

Her name is Luna, and the blind senior Chihuahua was brought in as a stray on January 12. Lucky for Luna, she was chipped and her family was called; unlucky for Luna, her family didn’t … Read More

Owner surrenders dog ‘Darla’ with $90 and note ‘please forgive me’

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Exhausted stray pup at Chicago shelter

On November 4, Arlo arrived at the Chicago Animal Care and Control as a stray. Perhaps that was the luckiest situation for this little lost soul who was reportedly so tired that all he wanted … Read More

Rescued from euth’ room by big-hearted shelter worker

A kind-hearted shelter worker was so moved by an 11-year-old senior pup who undoubtedly had been broken and defeated, she was rescued from the euth’ room at the last moment. Quinn now has been given … Read More