Siberian tigers forced to perform for ‘selfies’ at Ohio county fair

In a series of disturbing photos taken at the Summit County Fair in Ohio that have recently gone viral, one photo shows a woman sitting on top of a Siberian tiger while her friends take … Read More

Woman taking selfies at zoo attacked by jaguar

A woman taking selfies at an Arizona zoo was attacked by a jaguar leaving her with injuries that required medical attention.

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Man mauled to death taking ‘selfie’ with an injured bear

A man in Nabarahgpur, India was mauled to death on Thursday trying to take a selfie with an injured bear. Prabhu Bhatara, had been returning to Papadahandi in an SUV with other friends after having … Read More

Zoo tiger being poked with hot stick sparks fury

An attendant in Bangkok, at a Thailand zoo videoed poking a tiger with a hot stick for tourists to pose or sit on top of the animal, has sparked fury around the world. The video, … Read More