Brokenhearted dachshund surrendered to high kill shelter when family moved

When sweet Cali’s family moved to a home where pets are not allowed, the brokenhearted eight-year-old dachshund couldn’t stop hoping the Carson Animal Care Center was nothing more than a bad dream.

Cali had been … Read More

Dumped at shelter by owner young dog with cancer needs help

Sad update: Frankie was humanely euthanized.

Frankie is only four-years-old, and on Tuesday he was surrendered to Carson Animal Care Center in Carson, California by his owner. According to the shelter report, his family had … Read More

They called her ‘Princess’ but dumped her at shelter injured

At the Carson Animal Care Center, a 13-year-old German shepherd was surrendered on Sunday because her family no longer could afford to care for her. They named her Princess, but surely she doesn’t feel like … Read More

Golden retriever came in as a stray and no one wants her

At the Carson Animal Care Center in California, a Golden retriever came in on February 5, 2020 as a stray, and no one seems to want her. She is eight-years-old, presents with a head tilt. … Read More

First she was neglected and then Roxy was no longer wanted

At the Carson Shelter in California, Roxy is not doing well. The 10-year-old German shepherd appears to be overweight, and her nails are so long she now has difficulty walking.


A volunteer at the … Read More

Owner surrendered ‘Big Head’ with huge mass on her neck New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year “Big Head.” Sadly, that was the loyalty “reward” a six-year-old golden retriever was given by her family as a mass continued to grow on the back of her neck. And on New … Read More

Sad story for bonded siblings Chavo and China who nobody wants

The sad story for bonded siblings, Chavo and China began in July 2019 when both dogs were surrendered to  Carson Animal Care in Carson, California. It wasn’t long before Chavo was adopted, but when separated … Read More

Dog dropped off as children cried but parent lied and said he was a stray

The children called him Loco; the dog had barely been fed and was very dirty when he arrived at the California shelter. As the children cried, their parents told the staff at the Carson Animal … Read More

Desperate for help, emaciated dog at shelter still losing weight

No one knows what happened to Orby. The seven-year-old male continues to lose weight since he entered the Carson Animal Care Center in California. Orby appears to have lived alone for a great deal of … Read More

Help: Bonded dogs together for 10 years, neglected and thrown away

Max and Bingo have been bonded for ten years; lived in the same home although by the looks of the two Shih Tzus have both been neglected for a long period of time.  On Monday, … Read More