Young pup to pay consequences of irresponsible pet parenting

Queenie’s soon to be tragic story isn’t unusual nor is irresponsible pet parenting. Surrendered to the San Bernardino Animal Shelter, her owner reported the young Chihuahua mix nipped their young child, but admitted the two … Read More

Frightened pup crawls in shelter play yard: What happened to Daisy?

In the play yard of the City of San Bernardino Animal Control, a very frightened pup literally crawled along the fenced lawn. When in her kennel cage, the nine-month-old Daisy tries to hide behind her … Read More

People drove by neglected dog on highway until a Good Samaritan stopped

People drove by the young, terribly neglected dog on a busy highway in Southern California, but no one stopped to help – that is until a Good Samaritan turned around, stopped her car and wrapped … Read More

Heartbroken Beagle dumped at shelter to go on vacation but family taking new dog

UPDATE: Rescued! “Thanks to all of you sharing , this amazing rescue stepping up , Bridget Blitsch, Janet Weismantel Thomas and staff at San Bernardino City Shelter , Toots was scooped up at 5 pm Read More