Terrified kitten rescued from brutal jaws of deadly rat trap

A terrified kitten was rescued earlier this week in Cambridge, United Kingdom, from the brutal jaws of a deadly rat trap which may have been set illegally.  Ten-month-old family kitty, Dobby had been caught in … Read More

Terrified dog with broken leg abandoned on coldest night of the year

A terrified dog with a broken leg was abandoned in Cotesback, Leicestershire, United Kingdom in a wooded area on a very dark and lonely night as temperatures dipped below freezing. Fortunately, the sight hound was … Read More

Emaciated dog Leo found dead at cemetery stuffed in suitcase

An emaciated dog, identified as having been named Leo, was found dead in a suitcase under overgrown shrubs at Harehills Cemetery in Leeds, Great Britain, on Wednesday.

According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, RSPCA … Read More

Agonizing death for dog left trapped with tail and foot in van door

The body of a female dog, left trapped with her tail and foot in the door of an abandoned van, has cruelty officers from the RSPCA in tears. Investigators are hoping the public can help … Read More

Emaciated mom dog shot twice in the head after giving birth to puppies

In a shocking case of animal cruelty, investigators discovered the emaciated body of a mother dog who had been shot twice in the head shortly after giving birth to a litter of puppies. The undernourished … Read More

Puppy tied in garbage bag rescued from hellish death

An animal lover walking his own rescue dogs in Greatham near Hartlepool, County Durham in the United Kingdom came upon a black plastic garbage bag on the side of the road Tuesday morning. Strangely enough, … Read More

Animal cruelty officer moved to tears after discovery of dead puppy found in cage

A RSPCA animal cruelty officer was moved to tears on Thursday afternoon after the discovery of a dead puppy found in a cage along a side road near Doncaster Sheffield Airport in South Yorkshire, England. … Read More

Exhausted fox stuck in bottom of skate park almost gave up …until

It was on Sunday morning that the RSPCA in Liverpool received a call from two women who had been walking through a skate park and spotted a red fox in the bottom of the concrete … Read More

Authorities search for creep who tossed puppies over fence during middle of night

Can there be any other name  than “creep” for the person who tossed two tiny, defenseless puppies over a garden fence in the freezing cold during the middle of the night in West Yorkshire? On … Read More

Snapchat horror: Dozens of reports of animal cruelty reported on popular site

The RSPCA (England and Wales) have received dozens of reports of animal cruelty witnessed by children on popular Snapchat. According to the RSPCA, the animal protection organization has seen a 340% rise in reports … Read More