Puppy tied in garbage bag rescued from hellish death

An animal lover walking his own rescue dogs in Greatham near Hartlepool, County Durham in the United Kingdom came upon a black plastic garbage bag on the side of the road Tuesday morning. Strangely enough, … Read More

Animal cruelty officer moved to tears after discovery of dead puppy found in cage

A RSPCA animal cruelty officer was moved to tears on Thursday afternoon after the discovery of a dead puppy found in a cage along a side road near Doncaster Sheffield Airport in South Yorkshire, England. … Read More

Exhausted fox stuck in bottom of skate park almost gave up …until

It was on Sunday morning that the RSPCA in Liverpool received a call from two women who had been walking through a skate park and spotted a red fox in the bottom of the concrete … Read More

Authorities search for creep who tossed puppies over fence during middle of night

Can there be any other name  than “creep” for the person who tossed two tiny, defenseless puppies over a garden fence in the freezing cold during the middle of the night in West Yorkshire? On … Read More

Snapchat horror: Dozens of reports of animal cruelty reported on popular site

The RSPCA (England and Wales) have received dozens of reports of animal cruelty witnessed by children on popular Snapchat. According to the RSPCA, the animal protection organization has seen a 340% rise in reports … Read More

Paralyzed Belgian shepherd with catheter in her leg abandoned in garden

An injured Belgian shepherd was discovered this past weekend dumped outside of a garden of a private home in Orpington – a section of the London Borough of Bromley, United Kingdom. The dog, found by … Read More

Owner banned from keeping pets after collie with tumor found abandoned in filthy house

The owner of a 16-year-old collie who abandoned her dog with a massive, bleeding tumor on the side of his face in a garbage and feces filled home has been banned from keeping any pets … Read More

Dog breeder stuffs 8 newborn puppies into freezer to kill them

An award winning Border Collie breeder stuffed eight newborn puppies into a freezer to kill them after she said a veterinarian refused to euthanize the pups because they were healthy.  The dog breeder, Margaret Peacock, … Read More

Emaciated ‘bag of bones’ found collapsed on busy roadway

On a busy road in Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom, passing motorists couldn’t help but notice a young hound described as a “bag of bones” lying off to the side. On February 16, Good Samaritans stopped … Read More

Heartless thug caught on video kicking a cat 6 feet through the air

A heartless thug was caught on video kicking a cat, minding her own business, six feet through the air  in front of a home at Guinness Trust flats, on Sidney Street, Derby. The two men … Read More