Owner banned from keeping pets after collie with tumor found abandoned in filthy house

The owner of a 16-year-old collie who abandoned her dog with a massive, bleeding tumor on the side of his face in a garbage and feces filled home has been banned from keeping any pets … Read More

Dog breeder stuffs 8 newborn puppies into freezer to kill them

An award winning Border Collie breeder stuffed eight newborn puppies into a freezer to kill them after she said a veterinarian refused to euthanize the pups because they were healthy.  The dog breeder, Margaret Peacock, … Read More

Emaciated ‘bag of bones’ found collapsed on busy roadway

On a busy road in Maidstone, Kent, United Kingdom, passing motorists couldn’t help but notice a young hound described as a “bag of bones” lying off to the side. On February 16, Good Samaritans stopped … Read More

Heartless thug caught on video kicking a cat 6 feet through the air

A heartless thug was caught on video kicking a cat, minding her own business, six feet through the air  in front of a home at Guinness Trust flats, on Sidney Street, Derby. The two men … Read More

Rabbit found on roof and no one knows how it got there

Officials from the RSPCA have no idea how a rabbit found on the roof of a house in Liverpool late last week got there. The adorable, white bunny was spotted by a pedestrian walking around … Read More