Blind border collie and his best friend left tied in the woods

A blind border collie and his best friend were found tied up in the woods in England’s northwestern county of Cumbria. Nine-year-old pups named Bessie and Roy are looking for a new home.

It is … Read More

Investigators seek laughing man videoed slapping dog across the face

The RSPCA launched an investigation on Tuesday seeking the man in a video who laughed as he slapped a dog across the face in what appears to be a random act of cruelty. Officials believe … Read More

Teen caught on viral video beating dog banned from owning pets

An 18-year-old teenager caught on a viral video beating his dog on the sofa with clenched fists, screaming and punching the animal in the face in Manchester, United Kingdom, has been banned from owning pets … Read More

Downright cruel: Thug punched dog in head and dragged him away

At the Buffalo Bar in Bournemouth, a coastal town along southeast England, a downright cruel act against a black dog was captured on closed circuit television showing a thug punching a dog in the the … Read More

Inspector called discovery of suffering pup worst case of cruelty

Found dumped on a Worcestershire, United Kingdom farm, a suffering pup had been left in agony for what authorities stated had been more than 12-hours. An inspector with the RSPCA called the starved and beaten … Read More

Cruel owner attacked dog and dangled scared pup off the edge of a bridge

A cruel owner attacked his dog and didn’t stop scaring the pup until he dangled it off the edge of a bridge in Runcorn, England. Scott Doran, 30, scared his Staffordshire bull terrier so much … Read More

Man charged with animal cruelty caught on surveillance video

A 30-year-old man faces animal cruelty charges after apparently calling the dog over to him and then launching an unprovoked attack on the animal on a street in Mackay in north Queensland. The disturbing action … Read More

Heartless person dumped Jack Russell puppy in recycling bin

A heartless person dumped a Jack Russell puppy in a clothes recycling bin in Leeds, United Kingdom on New Year’s Day. The defenseless little one was found behind a pharmacy in Moseley Place on New … Read More

Family found fox napping on their microwave oven

A family from London called animal control officials last week after they found a fox napping on their microwave oven. The family stated their daughter had come down for breakfast in the kitchen of their … Read More

Video captures dog pawing the car door after man throws him out

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) in the United Kingdom are searching for the man caught on video, whose dog was seen pawing on the car door after the man … Read More