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Heartbreaking: Dumped dog left in park died after eating corn cobs

An emaciated dog abandoned by his owner near a park in Erdington, United Kingdom died after having consumed  three corn on the cobs because he was so hungry. The adult Staffordshire bull terrier was found … Read More

Four youngster thugs kicked hedgehog ‘like a football’

Four young thugs, about 10-years-old, were spotted by a passer-by kicking a hedgehog around “like a football” -breaking the defenseless little animal’s spine and legs the RSPCA has reported. The animal was found in Preston, … Read More

Abandoned bunny found clinging to his stuffed teddy bear

An abandoned bunny was discovered in London in a box left on the side of the road. The Good Samaritan who found him was shocked and truly heartbroken as she opened the box – the … Read More

Owner banned from having dogs after video shows torrent of abuse

In Bolton, located in the northwest section of England, the owner of a dog was banned for five years on Friday  from owning any pets, after a video showed him attacking his Staffordshire bull terrier … Read More

Young fox got his head stuck in lid of trash can

As school opened at the Saracens High School in Northwest London late last week, teachers and staff found an unexpected visitor on campus – and he needed help. A young fox, somehow got his head … Read More

Man caught on video dragging dog by scruff of neck in store

A small dachshund being dragged by the scruff of his neck by a man walking down the aisle of a grocery store has shocked viewers, and an investigation has been instituted to track down the … Read More

RSPCA’s abandoned toy puppy Christmas video goes viral in a good way

An RSPCA England and Wales Christmas video about an abandoned toy puppy has gone viral – and in a good way. The video, released less than 12-hours ago as the “Kindness for Christmas” appeal, has … Read More

Woman kicks and beats cowering dog for not ‘sitting’

In Oldham, Manchester, a video was filmed showing a woman kicking and beating a cowering dog for not “sitting” when ordered. According to the Daily Mail, the four-year-old Rottweiler named Lennox was repeated kicked with … Read More