Critically injured dog hides in fear under vehicle that stopped to let her pass

A young, critically injured dog had been abandoned in the well-known dumping ground in Dallas, Texas. The heartlessness of the animal cruelty is beyond comprehension, according to the rescuers who stepped up on Monday afternoon … Read More

Five-pound Shih Tzu with paw ballooned found roaming streets

Near the border of Mexico, a five-pound Shih Tzu, with her paw ballooned to nearly three times its normal size, roamed the streets scrounging for food while barely able to walk and withstand the pain. … Read More

Mangy 6-month-old puppy snuggles up for kisses

A good-natured puppy, dubbed Remy had no idea how sick he was, yet the friendly and affectionate pooch snuggled up to every human crossing his path. Found roaming the New York City streets by Animal … Read More

Pup’s life whose back was broken in dog attack ended in tragedy

In a heartbreaking tragedy in Houston, Texas, a pup’s life ended in tragedy on Saturday night because the very family she depended on to keep her safe, betrayed her after ignoring her injuries and left … Read More

Dog found lying in a crate freezing, swollen and in pain

In Dallas, Texas, rescuers were shocked when they spotted a shivering dog curled up inside of a crate lying near the edge of a lonely road. He was a dog who obviously experienced the worst … Read More

Abused Doberman puppy with severed spine rescued

Spencer was Wednesday’s 911 call for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. The Isabella fawn and rust purebred Doberman was brought to the county shelter in Kershaw City, South Carolina. The one-year-old puppy was emaciated, scarred and … Read More

Abandoned dog, ‘Zena’ refused to be touched until she could no longer run

For two weeks, would be rescuers tried everything to capture Zena, but the terribly neglected dog no longer trusted any humans, and with all her natural instincts and wit, eluded even the kindest gestures of … Read More

Misbehaving Maltese dumped into shelter 7 times by same family

A three-year-old Maltese mix named Billy, may seem like a happy-go-lucky little pooch, but there is little doubt his former owners failed him time and time again. Whenever the dog’s owners felt they couldn’t deal … Read More

Tortured dog and cat living in filth saved by NY rescue org

In another unplanned emergency for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, a tortured dog and cat living in unfathomable filth and neglect were saved from their inhumane suffering on Tuesday afternoon in an abandoned apartment in New … Read More

Heartbreaking abused dog saved from country shelter at last minute

On Sunday evening, Trey’s life was clearly destined to end. No one knows for sure what happened to the Golden retriever stray, but an animal control officer found him scrounging for food behind someone’s outbuilding … Read More