Woman arrested after throwing puppy out of second-story window

In Canajoharie, New York, police arrested a 28-year-old woman for allegedly throwing a puppy out of a second-story window. Joanne Hoose has been charged with Aggravated Cruelty to Animals.

According to the Montgomery County SPCARead More

Puppy’s jaw broken in half likely kicked in face by someone evil

In Corsicana, Texas a five-month-old puppy, with her jaw broken in half, arrived at the local animal shelter on Wednesday morning after having been picked up by Animal Control. Her mouth was bleeding; her jaw … Read More

Heartbreaking: Month old puppy’s ear cut off with scissors

In an egregious act of animal cruelty, a one-month-old puppy had to suffer through a cruel person cutting off his right ear with a scissors in Wichita, Kansas. The puppy, now dubbed Brooks, was immediately … Read More

Emaciated Zeke ran into daycare center and miraculously rescued

No one knows where nine-pound Zeke came from, but on Thursday, the emaciated puppy innocently wandered into a daycare center in San Antonio. Moments later he quickly scampered away.

Volunteer animal advocates saw the three-month-old … Read More

Heartbreaking photos of puppy trying to lick dead litter mate awake in store window

A tiny Pekingese puppy tried his best to lick his dead litter mate awake while heartbroken onlookers teared up as they watched the pup in a pet store window in Athens, Greece.

According to the … Read More

Update: Husky puppy abused in viral video removed from home

In Dewitt County, Illinois, the The DeWitt County State’s Attorney Office is investigating a video posted on social media that showed a husky puppy allegedly being abused by a woman. The dog could be seen Read More

Milo is just 4-months-old and already he was rejected by his family


Meet Milo – just four-months-old and because he wasn’t perfect, his family left him outdoors since he was barely able to eat for himself. This gorgeous German shepherd puppy suffers from vestibular syndrome and … Read More

Viral video of husky puppy abuse raises social media outrage

When a video quickly went viral on social media Friday evening, showing a woman from Leroy, Illinois tackling a Siberian husky to the floor and abusing him while the frightened puppy screamed and struggled, animal … Read More

Puppy surrendered in field loaded with ticks gets new chance at life

When a photo of the four-month-old shepherd appeared on social media Tuesday afternoon, animal advocates gasped in shock. Viewers were horrified at the amount of ticks on the puppy.  Volunteers from Animal Services in the … Read More

Starving puppies abandoned on side of road in cardboard diaper box

Had it not been for a Good Samaritan who noticed a cardboard diaper box on the side of the road in San Bernardino and stopped to investigate, two tiny puppies would have died. For days … Read More