Man arrested for shooting crated puppy in the head

A Virginia man, believed to be responsible for shooting a crated puppy in the head in early September, has been arrested. According to Friday’s WSET News, the man accused of the heinous act of cruelty … Read More

Florida college student arrested for beating 17-month-old puppy to death for peeing on floor

A University of Central Florida student was arrested on Friday and charged with two counts of felony animal cruelty for torturing and beating his 17-month-old puppy to death, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

According to the … Read More

Puppy loses ‘half her face’ in suspected acid attack

A puppy lost what is described as “half her face,” in a suspected acid attack in Fulton County, Georgia. According to Friday’s WSBTV News, the five-month-old pit bull, named “Trixie,” escaped from Jeffry Matherlee’s repair … Read More

Son loses it when dad surprises him with puppy – Video

A dad in Puyallup, Washington, hit the ball out of the park when he surprised his son with an adorable puppy. The moment that the boy walks into the room and realizes that the cute … Read More

Druggie sentenced to jail for tossing puppy out of third floor window

The drugged up owner of a nine-week-old puppy who tossed his Staffordshire bull terrier 20 feet to the ground while “coked” up, was sentenced to jail for 10 weeks, reports the Leicester Mercury.

Wayne Keightley, … Read More

Man pleads guilty to torture for mangling pup’s ears

An Ohio man has pleaded guilty to a charge of torturing a companion animal. According to ABC 6 On Your Side News, rather than face a jury, David Burgett opted to take a plea deal … Read More

Puppy with burn injuries found dumped on side of road

In Midland, Texas, a puppy barely a year old is lucky to be alive. When found on the side of the road by a Good Samaritan Monday morning, it appeared as if the bull terrier’s … Read More

8-week-old stray puppy follows trail and walks up to rescuers for help

Someone  without a conscience abandoned a two-month-old puppy in Dallas, Texas. Sadly, the defenseless little pooch had already been losing his fight to survive – with large patches of  his coat missing and a compromised … Read More

Seriously injured puppy found tied to a fence without food or water

A neglected and injured puppy was discovered tied to a fence in a vacant lot in Chicago, Illinois, without food or water. According to the non-profit organization, Peace for Pits, Inc., the pit bull puppy … Read More

Heartbreaking video of 1-year-old pup at shelter terrified and shaking

Over bred and dumped at the Downey Animal Shelter in California, a one-year-old terrified puppy shivers with fear in an overcrowded shelter full of strangers and loud noises.

Her name is Lady, and once she … Read More