Heartbreaking to see a young puppy so neglected and abused

Delilah is barely six-months-old, and this is what her short life has been – one of abuse and neglect. Brought to an animal shelter near San Antonio, Texas earlier this week, the puppy’s face tells … Read More

Two of three stolen puppies found – sick pit bull puppy still missing

On Wednesday evening, three puppies were stolen from a shelter in Bayview, California. The Family Dog Rescue, intending to give these three puppies a new life, immediately appealed to the public for help on … Read More

Man accused of throwing 6-month-old Doberman pup down stairs

In Severn, Maryland, a resident has been accused of abusing his 6-month-old Doberman Pinscher puppy by throwing him down a flight of stairs. Police arrested Robert Henry Reynolds Jr., who has been charged with animal … Read More

Abandoned puppy already understand loneliness

A litter of abandoned puppies need to find loving homes; already one of them seems to understands the loneliness of an animal shelter. At the Polk Animal Shelter in Cedartown, Georgia, a tiny puppy seems … Read More

Puppy completely shut down in back of Miami shelter kennel

A six-month-old puppy has completely shut down in the rear of a noisy and overcrowded shelter in Miami, Florida. And as if a neglected puppy would be expected to act like a well behaved canine … Read More

Help: Gentle soul Liam found wandering the streets of Houston

Meet Liam; he’s only a puppy and found wandering the streets of Houston in the most heartbreaking condition.

“His skin is itchy, red and inflamed. His face is covered in scabs. His paws are so

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Helpless puppies left in plastic bin in woods on 90 degree day

In North Carolina on Thursday afternoon, a litter of helpless puppies had been abandoned and left in a plastic bin in the woods as temperatures soared over 90 degrees. Too small to crawl out of … Read More

Just three-months-old and tiny Paul has only known suffering

In southern Texas, a three-month-old puppy has only known suffering. Barely able to walk, extremely emaciated and covered in mange, the tiny dog struggled to survive. And on Friday,  local animal control officers picked him … Read More

Tiny puppy found nearly frozen to death on side of road

The Friends of Kershaw County Humane Society had been scrambling on Thursday to help a lifeless little puppy, nearly frozen to death, found on the side of the road by a Good Samaritan.

“Over the

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Playful and adorable puppy nobody wants waits for someone to love him

A playful and adorable puppy peeks out from behind the bars of his shelter cage, hoping someone will come along and scoop him into their arms. He is a stray and has no name; his … Read More