Model pit bull went for trial foster and never looked back

A pit bull, who was a captivating model for photographer Sophie Gamand, recently went to a foster home on a trial basis, and things went so well that she never looked back. On Sunday, … Read More

Rescue group comes to aid of severely injured dog left on side of road

Early Wednesday afternoon, Second Chance Rescue NYC received a heartbreaking plea for help from Good Samaritans. A young female dog was discovered lying in her own blood and in shock on the side of the … Read More

‘#SaveHank’ family’s dog condemned to death for looks


The “SaveHank” hashtag is growing in popularity on Twitter – the #SaveHank hashtag refers to a family’s dog who was seized on July 14 in Belfast, Ireland. According to a petition created to help … Read More

Owner heartbroken after dog mistakenly killed at shelter

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A software “glitch” is being blamed for the mistaken killing of a dog, who escaped from his owner’s yard in Lexington, Kentucky, earlier this month reported WTVQ News. The dog who lost his life … Read More

Dog continues to wait for home after being thrown away

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Imagine if your life meant so little to someone that they decided you were not worth feeding. Imagine if someone cared so little for your well-being that you were thrown away inside of an alley … Read More