Ontario woman reunited with senior dog after authorities said he was a pit bull

In Toronto, an Ontario woman had to fight for the right to bring her senior dog home after he accidentally escaped from the family’s backyard this week and was brought to the local shelter because … Read More

Denver mayor vetoes measure that would have ended pit bull ban

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock vetoed a measure that would have ended the long stranding ban on pit bulls. On Friday, Hancock stated he felt pit bulls allowed in the community would pose an increased risk … Read More

Denver City Council to end 30 year pit bull breed ban

For t he last 30 years it has been illegal to own a pit bull breed in the city of Denver. On Monday, the Denver City Council voted 7-4 to allow owners to register their … Read More

Delta Air Lines banning pit bulls as service dog met with criticism

In Atlanta, Delta Air Lines will no longer allow passengers to fly with “pit bull type” dogs as either service or support animals. The new ruling has been met with severe criticism by organizations that … Read More

Lawsuit filed by Montreal SPCA following pit bull ban

Pit bull owners in Montreal, Canada, are reeling after a controversial animal control bylaw was passed. On Tuesday, the Montreal city council voted  37-23 to ban the ownership of pit bull type dogs and already, … Read More