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Nowzad rescue founder retired marine Pen Farthing arrives in UK with rescued dogs and cats

Former Royal Marine Paul “Pen” Farthing landed at Heathrow Airport on Sunday aboard a chartered flight carrying nearly 200 rescued dogs and cats.

“Arrived Heathrow with partial success of #OpArk. Mixed emotions & true deep

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Safe at last: Pen Farthing and his rescue pets will board an evacuation jet after being cleared to leave at Kabul airport

After an exhaustive campaign to evacuate ex-Royal Marine Pen Farthing, his staff and their immediate families and his nearly 200 rescue dogs and cats, defense personnel have confirmed the group has received clearance for their … Read More

Good Morning Britain’s guest breaks down in tears for Nowzad animal charity and staff still stuck in Afghanistan

On Friday morning, Dominic Dyer, a good friend and supporter of Pen Farthing and Nowzad, an animal charity still trapped in Afghanistan, became tearful as he continued to plead with his government to help people … Read More

UPDATE: Afghanistan’s Pen Farthing’s vehicle targeted by suicide bomber however staff and animals are all safe

Pen Farthing, the founder of the Nowzad animal shelter, continues to try and get his staff and nearly 200 rescued cats and dogs out of the country. While waiting outside of the Kabul airport just … Read More

Founder of sanctuary and ex-marine stuck near Kabul airport with 173 dogs and cats in stifling conditions

Former British Royal Marine Paul ‘Pen” Farthing has issued a desperate plea for help after he and his staff are stuck near the Kabul airport in Afghanistan while their 173 cats and dogs expected to … Read More

Ex-marine and founder of sanctuary for stray animals in Afghanistan authorized to move 200 animals and staff out of country

During his deployment with the British Royal Marines in 2006, Paul “Pen” Farthing began an animal rescue after breaking up a fight between two dogs in the town of Nawzad. One of the dogs followed … Read More