Mother orca whale mourned for 17 days as she carried her dead calf

The mother orca, Taldequah, has stopped mourning the death of her baby calf after tenderly keeping its decomposing body afloat for 17 days. On Saturday, the mother orca looked “vigorous and healthy.”

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Orca mom mourns the death of her calf trying to keep baby afloat

In a heartbreaking expression of maternal love not exclusively given to humans, an orca mom has been spotted swimming in the ocean gently nudging her dead baby calf to keep it afloat.

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Seaworld veterinarians euthanize sick orca: Third whale to die at park this year

Kasatka, the 42-year-old matriarch of the orca family was euthanized at SeaWorld on Tuesday after losing her long battle with a lung disease. The killer whale was one of the last to be captured in … Read More

Last orca born in captivity at San Antonio SeaWorld dies at 3 months old

On Monday, the last orca to have been born at SeaWorld died after just three months of life, the press release announced via SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. The calf, named Kyara, died from “very serious … Read More