‘Excuse me Santa’: Can you help me find a family to save my life today?

Meet Kai; he is a seven-year-old multi-talented brindle pup who is hoping Santa can help him find a family before he is euthanized at Brooklyn’s New York City Animal Care Center on Tuesday.

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A last hug for Samosa: Puppy slated to die at NYC shelter

Is this to be the last hug for Samosa? This tiny pup, barely a year old will never be touched again, if the New York Animal Care Center in Brooklyn, New York euthanize her early … Read More

‘Squeeze me tight and love me’ before I am put to sleep today

Meet Gustavo. Volunteers who have met this “squeeze me tight and love me” dog refer to him as a “bomb proof pet.” Tragically, no one has come to  Manhattan’s Animal Care Centers in New York … Read More