German shepherd finds comfort at shelter carrying his stuffed toy

At the North Central Shelter in Los Angeles, a four-year-old German shepherd finds comfort carrying around his stuffed toy. Ace Lobo, #A1917183, was someone’s dog, but they have not come for him yet. He … Read More

Owner dropped senior at shelter to be euth’ed: Someone with a heart to help

At the North Central Shelter in California, a senior German shepherd was dropped off to be “put to sleep.” The city does not provide that service. Sadly, Rocky doesn’t seem to have been cared for … Read More

So scared, so pretty and so much in need of rescue

What happened to Charlotte? At the North Central Los Angeles City Shelter, she shakes uncontrollably. Is this the best we can do for our loyal friends? Barely four-years-old, her paw indicating a deformity and so … Read More