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Discarded pup who sees the world with her heart and not her ears will be put to sleep today if help doesn’t come

UPDATE: Adopted! 😉

How terrifying life must be for Chowder at Brooklyn’s New York City Animal Care Center. She arrived at the shelter as a stray so not much is known about her, but it … Read More

‘Pick me, choose me, love me’ because if you don’t this sweet dog dies today

Meet an abandoned pup named Seven. From the day he entered the Manhattan shelter of New York Animal Care Centers, Seven has been very social. Sadly, shelter life is no life, and it has been … Read More

Little golden girl in critical need of rescue before it’s too late

At the Brooklyn division of New York Animal Care Centers, a little golden girl is in critical need of help. Carly is 13-years-old and weighs 13-pounds – therefore we are hoping “13” is her lucky … Read More

Fat cat weighing in at 40-pounds needs a home and a diet

In New York, a cat weighing more than 40-pounds needs a home and a diet. Meet Barsik who is five-years-old and tips the kitty scale at 41 pounds arrived at the shelter on Friday with … Read More

Can someone save my life today? Groucho Marx dreams of a home

Groucho Marx is a one-year-old puppy who loves to play with his toys. Tragically, his playtime will come to a sudden halt on  Saturday afternoon; the New York Animal Care Center in Manhattan has scheduled … Read More