Frightened pup clinging to volunteer will be euthanized unless someone can help her

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, the photo of a frightened pup clinging to a volunteer continues to circulate on social media, hoping someone’s heart will melt when they see Flor and rush to the shelter … Read More

Urgent rescue needed for abused ‘bait’ dog who only wants to hug her stuffie

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, an urgent plea has been sent out for help rescuing a young, abused dog who most likely had been a “bait” dog when picked up by local animal control officers … Read More

Overweight bulldog brought to shelter to be euthanized: Vet denied request

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, an overweight English bulldog was brought to the shelter on Christmas Eve by her owners who asked their dog be euthanized. Poor Juliet is overweight and has breathing problems; thankfully … Read More

Bonded pair comforted each other at Miami shelter until one day they became frustrated

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, a bonded pair had been surrendered together by their owners in the middle of November. Everyday, Pebbles and BamBam comforted each other; their temporary home because they were both so … Read More

Florida shelter calls for help with surrendered 5-month-old ambulatory puppy

At the Miami-Dade Animal Services, the shelter’s veterinarian has called out for help with a five-month-old ambulatory puppy. Enzo is a miniature schnauzer listed as ambulatory – who moves very slowly on his four legs. … Read More

Bonded strangers betrayed twice: Both dogs adopted and returned again

Two strangers at the Miami-Dade County Animal Services arrived at the shelter a month apart. It was love at first sight, and the dogs named Sinatra and Trina quickly became bonded – sleeping, eating and … Read More

Six-month-old fearful puppy at Miami shelter may never have a future

A six-month-old puppy, found as a stray, tries his best to hide in the corner of his kennel cage at Miami-Dade Animal Services in Florida. The shelter has him listed as “fearful” and for being … Read More

Shelter has ‘given up’ on Jessie and plan to snuff out her life

Jessie’s short life is about to be snuffed out at the Miami-Dade Animal Services where no dog is safe until they are out of the shelter and wrapped in someone’s warm embrace. Jessie has been … Read More

Literally scared to death at Miami high kill animal shelter

One can only imagine how frightened four-year-old Russell is after having been confiscated by authorities and brought to a shelter cage at the high kill and overcrowded Miami-Dade Animal Services. Yet, here he sits and … Read More

Heartbreaking to watch owner lead young dog into kill shelter and walk away

At the Miami Dade Animal Services, tears came to the eyes of animal advocates as heartbreaking photos of a woman casually leading her young dog into the shelter and then seeming to be casually walking … Read More