Owner devastated surrendering her puppy to shelter but life went awry

In Mesquite, Texas, a “perfect” four-month-old puppy named Doug was surrendered to the City of Mesquite Animal Shelter on Wednesday. A shelter volunteer was there when the heartbreaking farewell occurred.

“Doug’s mom was devastated she

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Her name is ‘Bella’ and the shelter says ‘she has to go’

An urgent rescue is needed for Bella; she has just been advised by the Mesquite Shelter, located in the Dallas area of Texas, that she can no longer stay.

“I had a family where

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Urgent plea to rescue ‘damaged’ pup hit by car in Texas

An urgent plea had been sent out on Wednesday evening to animal advocates asking for help rescuing a “damaged” dog hit by a car in Mesquite, Texas. The dog’s heartbreaking story began:

“They said I’m

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Unforgivable neglect and abuse, rescuers tried to save him but it was too late

A plea for urgent rescue help went out in the Mesquite, Texas animal shelter on Thursday afternoon. Sadly it was too late. The photo of unforgivable neglect; an apparently suffering tiny dog with visibly rotting … Read More