‘Boji’ the Istanbul stray pooch who rides public transportation every day

Thousands of stray dogs and cats roam the streets of Istanbul, but one particular stray named Boji has become a seasoned commuter who takes advantage of the modern modes of public transportation.

Boji is an … Read More

Loyal dog spent days waiting outside of hospital for her sick owner to get well

In Istanbul, Turkey, a loyal dog who spent days waiting outside of a hospital where her sick owner had been receiving treatment has gone viral, and this time in a perfect way!

According to the … Read More

Mother cat carries her sick kitten to Istanbul hospital for help

A stray mother cat needed help for her sick kitten, so into the Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey she went. According to Twitter user Merve Ozcan, the protective mama cat carried her kitten … Read More

Rescue efforts continue for puppy stuck in 292-feet-deep well

Rescuers have not given up trying to save a Kangal puppy who fell into an old 292-feet-deep old well in the Beykoz, Istanbul district. Monday marks the eighth day efforts to save the guard dog … Read More