Teen who tossed cat into the air for social media content arrested

I Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia, a teen who used Twitter to showcase his video showing him toss a cat into the air has led to his arrest by police.

According to TodayOnline, the video showed … Read More

Video surfaces of Indonesian locals riding endangered sea turtle

A disturbing video has gone viral, showing local residents in Indonesian riding a distressed and endangered leatherback turtle.

According to Unilad, the four-minute video, taken on July 5, shows the turtle trying to get … Read More

Man who bragged online about harming endangered bird arrested

In an especially cruel incident in Indonesia, a man who bragged online about killing an endangered bird and posted the photos on his social media account, has been arrested when his post became viral and … Read More

Stars appeal to Indonesia president after dogs blow-torched alive in expose

Hollywood stars are appealing to Indonesia President Joko Widodo to ban the brutal trade of dog and cat meat for human consumption after an expose went viral showing dogs blow-torched alive to remove their fur. … Read More

Creepy photos of monkey wearing ‘little girl’ mask begging for money

Creepy photos and a video of a monkey wearing a blond “little girl’s” mask has gone viral and all for the wrong reasons. Filmed in Bogor, Indonesia, a small monkey can be seen wearing a … Read More

125 exotic birds stuffed into drain pipes in illegal smuggling of wildlife

In Jakarta, Indonesia, four men have been charged with smuggling 125 exotic birds which allegedly had been stuffed into drain pipes for the purpose of illegal wildlife trade. Authorities stated 41 white cockatoos and 84 … Read More

Outrage at ‘tradition’: Dogs pitted to fight wild boars to the death in Indonesia

In  a remote area of Java in Indonesia, crowds still gather around a makeshift arena lined with a bamboo wall to watch dogs fight wild boar to the death. Participants in  the village claim the … Read More