Poacher shot and butchered rescued Siberian tiger released in wild one year ago

In eastern Russia, near the border of China, poachers shot a rare Amur tiger, also known as a Siberian tiger, dead this week. Reports that the cat’s head and paws had been cut off, likely … Read More

Men who killed mountain lion at Yellowstone banned from hunting

In Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyoming, three men who were illegally hunting mountain lions in Yellowstone National Park and killed one, have been fined and banned from hunting, fishing or trapping worldwide for the next three … Read More

Poacher who killed 2 bull elk banned from hunting for 25 years

The Chinook, Montana man who illegally killed two bull elk in February from his pickup truck is serving a six-month sentence in the Valley County Detention Center. Cameron Dow Overcast is banned from hunting, fishing … Read More

Poacher hunting rhinos trampled by elephant and eaten by lions

A poacher in  the Kruger National Park in South Africa was trampled to death by an elephant and eaten by a pride of lions on Wednesday.

Elephant poachers killed in shootout

The person killed has not been named, however The Read More

Poacher who killed hundreds of deer ordered to watch movie ‘Bambi’ in jail

A Springfield, Missouri judge ordered a poacher who illegally killed hundreds of deer to watch the movie “Bambi” repeatedly while in jail. David Berry Jr. was sentenced to spend a year in jail and watch … Read More