Husky on her way to emergency vet hospital after woman witnessed two men shooting dog in head

In Cleveland, Texas, a woman taking her two young children to school Thursday morning witnessed two men shooting a young dog in the head. The puppy seemed terrified and tried desperately to escape from her … Read More

Breeder dragged puppy to be euth’ed because of her medical needs

In a Kansas neighborhood, the breeder of huskies brought an eight-month-old puppy to a veterinarian to be euthanized because an operation to correct the puppy’s birth defect would have cost too much money. The pup … Read More

Update: 2-month-old husky pup in medically induced coma after skull fracture

In Phoenix, police continue to investigate a report from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control concerning a 2-month-old husky puppy brought to the shelter on Friday night with a severe skull fracture and bleeding. The … Read More