Dogs left behind on Barbuda after Hurricane Irma struggle to survive

The entire population of 1,800 on the Island of Barbuda has been evacuated to Antiqua, but the most vulnerable have been left to struggle behind. Days after Hurricane Irma destroyed homes and lives, the hasty … Read More

Shepherd trapped in debris under camper after Hurricane Irma for 4 days

In Hollywood, Florida, a frantic woman called out to Guardians of Rescue on Wednesday and cried for help after finding a German shepherd trapped under a camper cap since Hurricane Irma – four days ago. … Read More

Abandoned dogs from Hurricane Irma attacked by fire ants

In Lakeland, Florida, Animal Control and neighbors rescued several abandoned dogs during the onset of Hurricane Irma. According to WflaNews, at least four dogs were in a kennel as the water rose to their … Read More

Firefighters jump in to save drowning dog from canal just before Hurricane Irma

In Deerfield Beach, Florida, firefighters jumped into action on Saturday to save a drowning dog struggling to survive in a canal. Late in the afternoon, the Broward Sheriff’s Fire Rescue crew received a call about … Read More

Hurricane Irma’s arrival prompts Miami area shelter to send dogs and cats to California

Hurricane Irma,  the  most powerful storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, hit the eastern Caribbean on Wednesday with winds of up to 185 miles an hour. Heading for the Florida coast – although at … Read More