Failed House Farm Bill promoted puppy mills, horse slaughter and shark fins

An all inclusive farm bill failed in the House on Friday even though Republican leadership gambled it would pass despite Democratic opposition. The final vote 198-213. Although it contained some positive provisions for animals, according … Read More

Disturbing horse slaughter scene discovered in remote area of Hialeah

In Hialeah, Florida, a tip from a woman feeding stray dogs in the area of northwest Miami-Dade came upon a disturbing horse slaughter scene on Tuesday evening.

According to the Animal Recovery Mission  (ARM)founder, Richard … Read More

Whoa! Senate committee says ‘neigh’ to reopening horse slaughter plants in U.S

The United States Appropriations Committee voted in favor of an amendment to ban any horse slaughter plants from opening in the United States on Thursday. In a news release from the Humane Society of the … Read More

Horse’s head discovered in grisly Miami horse slaughter

It’s happened again! Another horse was found chopped apart for its meat early Sunday morning in Homestead, Florida, according to Richard Couto, founder of the Animal Recovery Mission.Horse slaughter July 31

The horse was discovered off of a … Read More