Judge denies first of its kind lawsuit for abused horse to sue owner

A Washington County judge in Oregon ruled that an abused horse can not be a plaintiff and therefore cannot sue his previous owner for the expensive and ongoing medical care needed since he was rescued … Read More

Disturbing viral video shows three horses being pulled by pickup truck

In Limestone, Alabama, a flood of calls came into the  Limestone County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday after a video went viral showing three horses being pulled by a pickup truck along 7 Mile Post Road.… Read More

Besties: Neglected mini horse befriended by golden retriever Molly

A neglected mini horse – no more than skin and bones, had been found wandering the streets in South Carolina. Darlene Kindle, founder of Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance stepped up to help the ailing … Read More

Horse falls upside down into mechanic’s pit

In Lublin, Poland, a 30-year-old horse fell upside down into a mechanic’s pit in her owner’s garage this week while searching for potatoes to eat. Baska, the mare, followed her nose into the garage and … Read More

Good Samaritans lead spooked horse on highway to safety

In Houston, Texas, a spooked horse running down a busy highway on Monday was brought to safety by good Samaritans. While we all love horses and love to brag about their intelligence, these beautiful creatures … Read More

Foal trapped upside down between boulders rescued

In a bizarre incident, a foal managed to get stuck between boulders with his head stuck in a crevice and his legs upside down stretched into the air. The incident occurred in Aktau, Kazakhstan [… Read More

Granddaughter rescued pony online to granny’s shock when dumped in garden

In another “hard to believe this really did happen” situation, a grandmother was shocked when a neglected pony was delivered to the garden of her home after her 13-year-old granddaughter rescued the free pony advertised … Read More

Foal is lone survivor where more than 100 horse died from drought

In Flagstaff, Arizona, 111 feral horses died in a muddy dried up pond at Gray Mountain on the Navajo Reservation. One lone survivor; a foal miraculously found.


According to the Tucson News,  Navajo … Read More

Video: Clewiston Police round up fleeing pony

On Tuesday morning, the Clewiston Police Department received a call referencing a horse running down U.S.#27. With officers wondering if someone might have been “pranking,” a patrol unit was quickly dispatched. Sure enough – there … Read More

Spring in Minnesota and horse fell through melting ice

In Maple Grove, Minnesota, first responders were able to rescue a very lucky horse after she accidentally ran onto thin ice near Elm Creek Park Reserve.

According to the Facebook page of the Hennepin County … Read More