Homeless dog – waiting in boarding for over 650 days

A lovely dog named “Jessica,” has been waiting a tremendous amount of time for a home of her own. For well over 650 days, Jessica has been in a boarding facility in New Jersey…waiting, day … Read More

Annie is sick and getting sicker…urgently needs out of animal control

Update 2/9/17: Safe!

A beautiful three-year-old pit bull mix, dubbed “Annie,” is sick, and despite medication, she is getting sicker. Annie is being treated for an upper respiratory infection at the Maricopa County Animal Care … Read More

Why doesn’t anybody want me? Dog has been homeless for a decade

Why doesn’t anybody want me? A question a dog, homeless for a decade, must surely wonder. The dog, named “Dodger,” has been at the North Fork Animal Welfare League, in Peconic, New York, through … Read More

Homeless dog sick and at risk at busy animal control

Update: Rescued – moved to the “safe” album on the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page.

A homeless dog at a busy animal control agency in California is at risk of losing her life. The … Read More