Homeless dog – waiting in boarding for over 650 days

A lovely dog named “Jessica,” has been waiting a tremendous amount of time for a home of her own. For well over 650 days, Jessica has been in a boarding facility in New Jersey…waiting, day after long day, for someone to decide that she is worthy of being their companion.

Jessica’s needs are being met, but a boarding facility is not the same as a real home. Jessica has her own Facebook page (Jessica Needs A New Home) and the following information was recently posted about the type of home which she would be best suited to:

Jessica is currently in boarding and desperately seeking a loving home. She must be the only pet. Although she is great with kids, she would do better living with older kids (preferably teens at the youngest). Younger guests are fine, but she needs a family who can devote time and energy to her. She is sweet, affection, and loves all people but does best in a calm, stable environment.

Jessica needs a homeObviously, the requirement to be the only pet has negatively impacted Jessica’s quest for a home – but there has to be someone out there who is looking for just one dog to complete their family. If you think that you might be that one person, please email, or reach out to Second Chance Rescue Dogs NYC.

Find Jessica’s Facebook page here.

(Photos via Jessica Needs A New Home FB page)

National Dog News on Facebook here.

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(Note – the photo of Jessica with the sign showing that she has been in boarding for 638 days was posted back in early January)

Annie is sick and getting sicker…urgently needs out of animal control

Update 2/9/17: Safe!

A beautiful three-year-old pit bull mix, dubbed “Annie,” is sick, and despite medication, she is getting sicker. Annie is being treated for an upper respiratory infection at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control facility in Mesa, Arizona, but the stress of being in the noisy kennel, coupled with her lack of one-on-one attention, is worsening her health.

Annie is sick

This week, the Facebook page, MCACC East Dogs, posted a video of Annie (which clearly shows how stressful and loud it is in her kennel run), along with a few words about her condition:

We posted Annie last week (see video in comments). The difference is heartbreaking. She is being treated for a URI, but her symptoms are worsening. We are doing our best to help this girl out while she is in the shelter. The vet added a 2nd antibiotic in hopes that it will help, but Annie really needs to get out of the shelter and into a warm, calm, quiet home.

Imagine feeling horrible, and having no way to truly rest and recover. Imagine being alone and scared and sick…imagine Annie’s current situation. Please help this dog get the help that she desperately needs by sharing her adoption information.

  • Petharbor link here
  • Facebook thread here
  • Maricopa County Animal Care & Control – East Valley Animal Care Center at (602) 506-7387
    Ask for information about animal ID number A3870675
  • Click here to view video on Facebook


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Why doesn’t anybody want me? Dog has been homeless for a decade

Why doesn’t anybody want me? A question a dog, homeless for a decade, must surely wonder. The dog, named “Dodger,” has been at the North Fork Animal Welfare League, in Peconic, New York, through his adolescence, the prime of his life, and now, his twilight years (according to the shelter, Dodger arrived after Hurricane Katrina and has been there ever since).

The following information was posted to Facebook about the long-time shelter resident:

He is an older guy now. The good: He walks great on a leash is very clean in his kennel. Loves walks and car rides. Dodger needs to be the only pet in a home, He also cannot be with young children as he is not a fan of tail pulling or pinching. His perfect person would be willing to come meet him a couple times feed him cookies and build a friendship (which really only take a few cookies).

Dodger’s biography on the shelter website states, “Dodger quickly became a staff favorite not only from his personality, but also because he walks excellent on a leash, and knows basic commands.”

Dodger needs to be in a home – enjoy what remains of his life with a person who is his very own. Please share Dodger’s information and help him find a home. Facebook thread here.


Adoptable shelter dogs at this shelter here.

165 Peconic Lane
Peconic, New York 11958


Homeless dog sick and at risk at busy animal control

Update: Rescued – moved to the “safe” album on the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page.

A homeless dog at a busy animal control agency in California is at risk of losing her life. The two-and-a-half-year-old dog named “Canela,” has been at the Carson Animal Services facility in Gardena since September 8, and during her stay, she has fallen ill.

On September 26, the Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook page wrote,

CANELA has been so sad she ended up catching a cold. She is so smart that she spits out her pills no matter what they are given in. This girl is externally special but she is sick and if she starts refusing to take her meds she will need help fast!

Canela has done nothing wrong – nothing which warrants her life being ended. Unfortunately, it is a sad reality that dogs are put down if they get too sick, or if there is no room, at animal control agencies. Please take a moment to network Canela’s adoption information and help her find a reputable rescue agency, or loving adopter, before it is too late.

The following information has been shared on Canela’s behalf:

She is already spayed, loves kids and other dogs and she’s compact and adorable, knows sit and shake! Please SHARE for her life, she is VERY special.

Petharbor link here. CANELA – ID#A4991032/Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566
Ask for information about animal ID number A4991032