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Dog found walking along busy highway with heavy chain and lock around neck

In San Antonio, Texas, a Good Samaritan spotted a dog on Friday morning walking along a busy highway with a heavy chain and lock wrapped tightly around her neck. Unsure of what to do, the … Read More

Owners wanted Layla euth’ed because they needed chain for new puppy

Hand-Me Down Hounds Rescue was created to save the abused, abandoned and neglected dogs of San Antonio, Texas. On Wednesday, Layla’s owners called the shelter to request that their 100-pound dog be picked up to … Read More

Puppy dumped next to trash with bed, food and water

Was a heartless owner trying to tell us that the puppy he dumped was just trash? This poor little pooch, found in the San Antonio area of Texas was discovered waiting for his owner to … Read More

Dog surrendered to shelter with note saying he was ‘unadoptable’

Freddy (aka Dusty) found himself in a city shelter in the San Antonio, Texas. His former owners surrendered the adorable little guy accompanied by a letter stating he was “unadoptable.”

Freddy now has a promising … Read More