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‘Ana’ is beautiful and loving but she has been waiting more than four months for a new family

For more than four months, a two-year-old German shepherd has been waiting to find her new family, but no one has shown up to adopt her. She’s friendly, alert and oh so loves to play.… Read More

Injured shepherd ‘Nikki’ needs out of shelter immediately to save her life

Nikki is a throwaway. Just four years old and her life is in danger of ending at the Devore Animal Shelter in San Bernardino County, California.

Her story is all too familiar, however we will … Read More

Heartbreaking to watch owner lead young dog into kill shelter and walk away

At the Miami Dade Animal Services, tears came to the eyes of animal advocates as heartbreaking photos of a woman casually leading her young dog into the shelter and then seeming to be casually walking … Read More

Shepherd’s life turned upside down and now she may die

This two-year-old German shepherd has had her life and her world turned upside down. She was found wandering around the San Bernardino Airport in California and brought to the Devore Shelter. Now she is on … Read More

Senior shepherd left in a ditch, taken to shelter and now slated to die

 MILLER LEFT SHELTER yesterday with his foster mom who was actually the Good Samaritan! She took him to a pet store directly to pick his favorite treats. Thank you Midwest Animal Rescue and Services for

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Surrendered German shepherd terrified and glued to her bed

In a heartbreaking photo, Liza, a seven-year-old German shepherd surrendered to the Downey Animal Care Center in California, is terrified; she stays glued to the wall and to her little blue bed.

A volunteer at … Read More

Hidden in shelter quarantine, Calista needs help now

RESCUED by Coastal German Shepherd

Calista has been hidden in the quarantine area of  Carson Animal Care since Monday.  Who would even guess this friendly German shepherd is only four-years-old? What kind of life did … Read More

Starving and full of ticks, two shepherds wandered the streets for weeks

Both adopted!

Two starving dogs – one just an eight-month-old puppy, covered in ticks, roamed the streets in San Bernardino, California for weeks. The shepherds dodged getting hit by vehicles in traffic, scavenged for food … Read More

Save a life: German shepherd Hank is sweetest dog ever

Why not save a life?  Handsome German shepherd, Hank has been at  Carson Animal Care since February 22, and no one has offered to take him home. The staff describes him this way:

“HANK has

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