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Miracles do come true: 18-year-old Cilly gets a new life

Animal advocates gasped in horror as 18-year-old Cilly, with a tumor so large on her belly that the pint-sized pup used it as an arm rest, the Frosted Faces Foundation immediately stepped forward to help. … Read More

Update: 20-year-old spaniel Sonoma dumped at shelter by owner

As he waited for his owner to return, Sonoma was terrified and confused in a caged kennel at the Carson Animal Care Center. On April 18, the 20-year-old spaniel, obediently walked into the shelter with … Read More

Update on senior Corgi surrendered to shelter half-wrapped in garbage bag

It was a day that tears flowed freely down the cheeks of volunteers and staff members alike, at Carson Animal Care when a ten-year-old Welsh Corgi was surrendered to the shelter half-wrapped in a black … Read More