Owner surrendered dog at Texas shelter ‘for change in lifestyle’

As if Texas doesn’t have enough dogs that are in desperate need of homes, a one-year-old puppy was surrendered by her owner to Fort Worth Animal Care & Control “for change in lifestyle.”

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Dog left languishing in pain at shelter for 10 days thinking he did something wrong

UPDATE: RESCUED BY Highway Hounds!

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Ten days ago, the owner of a three-year-old friendly pooch surrendered him to the Fort Worth Animal Care & Control because his dog … Read More

Deceased owner’s friend dumped man’s dogs at shelter and didn’t bother to even leave their names

At the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control, a pair of bonded senior dogs were surrendered to the shelter on June 9, after the death of their owner. Although sad situations like this happen much … Read More

Beautiful German shepherd slated to be euthanized after she stopped eating

At the Fort Worth Animal Care & Control, a six-year-old German shepherd is scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday unless someone can save her. Bailie was found as a stray on May 3, and one … Read More

Bonded pair not feeling well in high-kill Texas shelter need emergency help

At the Fort Worth Animal Care Center and Control, a bonded senior pair had been surrendered because their previous owner was no longer able to afford to care for his dogs. Remy Ma and NaNae … Read More

This is the look of a dog after 16 years with her owner is dumped at a Texas shelter

At Fort Worth Animal Care & Control, a 16-year-old white shepherd still watches for her owner to open up the door of her cage and greet her with hugs and kisses. Instead, it was Sheba’s … Read More

Family said Bo was ‘destructive inside’ so they dumped him at Texas shelter

Meet “Bo” such a handsome and friendly guy, but his family surrendered him a few days ago explaining to the staff at the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control because their dog was “destructive inside.”
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55+ days at Texas shelter wearing on sweet but shy dog ‘Hazel’

More than 55 days have passed since Hazel was brought to Fort Worth Animal Care & Control. Hazel wasn’t always this depressed, but watching the other dogs gleefully leaving their shelter cages – wagging their … Read More

Kino is at highest risk of being euthanized: Share his story now

At the crowded Fort Worth Animal Care and Control in Fort Worth, Texas, Kino has been “Red Listed,” which means he is at the highest risk of being euthanized. The Labrador retriever mix is barely … Read More