Kangaroo ‘Brad Pit’ that fell 23 feet into mine shaft rescued

A kangaroo named “Brad Pit” that fell 23 feet down into an abandoned mine shaft was rescued in Drummond, Victoria in mid June. Five Freedoms Animal Rescue, with a team of volunteers, were able … Read More

Frank the kangaroo shot with arrow ‘for fun’ in protected animal area

Amidst the worst bush fires in history and with a billion wild animals dying in Australia, a particularly evil act occurred on Saturday at Lysterfield Park in Melbourne – a protected area space for animals … Read More

Kangaroo broke into family home and panicked as he tried to escape

An Australian family was shocked on Saturday when a kangaroo crashed through a window of their Melbourne home in the middle of the night. As the animal panicked when he quickly figured out, this wasn’t … Read More