Animal shelters in Los Angeles ask owners to delay surrendering pets

Officials with the Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control are asking pet owners who intend to surrender their pets to delay doing so in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We encourage those who

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Update on black cat who interrupted Giants losing to Cowboys football game

When a black cat ran onto the MetLife Stadium field on Monday night, she unknowingly caused quite a commotion without letting out a single meow. The feline situation caused a two-minute delay during the Giants’ … Read More

Iowa city suspends police killing feral cats after public outrage

In Jefferson, Iowa, after public outrage and pressure from animal welfare organizations, city administrators suspended the city’s practice of trapping and fatally shooting feral cats on Thursday. A city ordinance permitted residents to use traps … Read More

Outrage over cat strapped to trunk of car on Beltway

A young woman was so outraged after seeing a cat strapped to the trunk of a car traveling along Virginia’s Beltway earlier this week, she videoed the situation and posted the footage on Facebook hoping … Read More