EPA adopts plan to eliminate all animal testing requirements

On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced it will adopt a plan to eliminate animal testing requirements by 2035.  The agency will spend $4.25 million for five universities to research and develop methods for … Read More

EPA walks back use of ‘cyanide bombs’ to kill wildlife after public outrage

The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) has just backed off reauthorizing the controversial use of “cyanide bombs” to kill wildlife in order to protect farmers and ranchers stock.

One week ago, the EPA authorized the use of … Read More

‘Cyanide bombs’ authorized to kill wild animals on behalf of farmers

The Environmental Protection Agency has reauthorized the use of “cyanide bombs” to kill coyotes, foxes and other wild animals across the United States. The controversial chemical traps have also killed domestic pets as well as … Read More