Terrified puppy brought into shelter crying and screaming by someone who ‘found him’

When a volunteer at the East Valley Los Angeles Shelter had been in the lobby ready to help the inordinate amount of dogs being surrendered late last week, she observed a small dog, allegedly a … Read More

Owner dumped dog ‘friend’ at shelter because she had ‘face deformity’

Meet Pinky; she is a two-year-old chunky low-rider who is no longer “in the pink” after having been surrendered to the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California.

And just in case you have … Read More

11-year-old dog with same ‘family’ dumped at shelter when child jumped on pet while sleeping

Almost all of his 11 years, Chino lived with his “family” – that is until they surrendered him to the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California on June 2, 2021.

So why would … Read More

German shepherd puppy slated to die at Los Angeles shelter

Smokey is only nine-months-old and has been “Red Listed” which means he is in danger of being euthanized within 48 hours at the discretion of the East Valley Animal Shelter. In order to save this … Read More

Simba is so confused after being surrendered to shelter by person he loved most

At the East Valley Animal Shelter in California, Simba was brought in by his owner and surrendered on Wednesday afternoon.  Maybe Simba thought he had been going for a ride to have a fun adventure … Read More

Bonded pair arrived at shelter in truck bed surrendered by owner moving away

On Saturday afternoon, Blondie and Sparky’s lives changed for the worst. The two dogs arrived at the East Valley Animal Shelter in the back of a truck bed; their owner was moving out of the … Read More

Once an energetic pup who spent months isolated at shelter to be euth’ed

At the East Valley Animal Shelter, a three-year-old mixed breed pup who spent months isolated in a shelter cage will be humanely euthanized if he is not rescued by Sunday afternoon. His heartbreaking story is … Read More

Owner surrendered 15-year-old Miko to shelter for ‘worms and skin rash’

For his entire life, Miko thought he his family would always be there for him, that is until the surprise last ride to the East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California came on Saturday. … Read More

Shelter calls out for help for 12-pound poodle needing special care

At the East Valley Animal Shelter, a plea went out on Friday morning asking for someone to help a ten-year-old poodle who needs special medical intervention the shelter is not equipped to provide.

According to … Read More

Sweet dog with paralysis to hind legs ‘strayed’ from his home

At the East Valley Animal Shelter, a five-year-old sweet and very friendly dog managed to “stray” from his home. Not discounting that many dogs manage to jump fences, sneak out of their homes or run … Read More