Scared 12-year-old beagle deserves better than dying alone at a shelter

This is Anthony; he is a 12-year-old beagle mix at the Downey Animal Care Center who needs a rescue or a committed adopter to care for him. His status is urgent, and although he is … Read More

Help needed: Friendly shelter dog escaped through a hole in play yard

In Downey, California, an eight-year-old bloodhound escaped from a hole in the play yard at the Los Angeles County Dept Animal Care & Control Downey Shelter on Monday. The public is being asked to keep … Read More

Shepherd is perfect but no one has come to adopt him

Meet Ringo Starr. This handsome four-year-old German shepherd is nearly perfect; he has a sweet smile, does a perfect sit and has a warm personality. So why hasn’t someone rushed over to the Downey Animal … Read More

Cute and irresistible but no one wants Magpie

Magpie is cute and irresistible, but no one has come to rescue her. Barely one-year-old, her utterly adorable under bite makes everyone who meets her smile. And why not? This English bulldog needs a loving … Read More

Shelter space is limited and Tycho the shepherd is slated to die

Shelter space at the Southeast Area Animal Control (SEAACA) is limited, and Tycho’s life is scheduled to end at any time. Impounded on November 15, from the City of Santa Fe Springs, no one has … Read More

Senior pup Henry all alone when his owner died with nowhere to go

At Downey Animal Care Center in California, Henry’s fate remains unclear. Who would want a 14-year-old dog? How could this have happened to a sweet, old guy like Henry.

A  shelter volunteer wrote about Henry’s … Read More

Loyal shepherd still waits for her owner to return in corner of busy Downey shelter

Volunteers have tears in their eyes as they watch Sophie on the brink of shutting down. The healthy nine-year-old loyal shepherd still waits  and watches in the corner of the playground at the busy Downey … Read More

Who betrayed Rocky? 13-year-old senior silky terrier abandoned and alone

On June 10, sweet little Rocky arrived at the Downey Animal Care Center in California. The nearly 14-year-old female silky terrier had been surrendered; to date her family never changed their mind nor have they … Read More

Hidden in isolation: Urgent help needed for tiny ‘fear biting’ Pom

When the rest of the world is bigger than you, and the strangers and noises are overwhelming in a place filled with barking dogs and the clang of metal bowls, who can blame Mr. Jones … Read More