Everyone overlooks Ruin Creek dogs: Yes, their lives count

Listed at the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society, an organization dedicated to helping homeless animals, eight dogs have little chance to live much longer. They all have names however, and their lives all matter. Sadly, … Read More

Annie is sick and getting sicker…urgently needs out of animal control

Update 2/9/17: Safe!

A beautiful three-year-old pit bull mix, dubbed “Annie,” is sick, and despite medication, she is getting sicker. Annie is being treated for an upper respiratory infection at the Maricopa County Animal Care … Read More

Physician in Texas accused of poisoning family’s dogs

A prominent physician in Odessa, Texas, is facing charges for allegedly poisoning several dogs. According to Thursday’s CBS 7 News, Dr. Robert Kevin Lynch, 54, is facing felony charges in connection with the death … Read More

‘Rescuer’ accused of abandoning dogs – several found shot dead at her home

A young woman who claims to have rescued over 100 dogs from Texas’ Fort Worth Animal Shelter, is accused of later abandoning the dogs. According to Thursday’s WBAP News, recently, multiple dogs were also … Read More

Homeless man carrying his dog to protect paws from cold helped by angels

In Kamloops, British Columbia, the intense cold has been both a danger to both humans falling on hard times as well as their four-legged companions. On Sunday, a homeless man heading over to the Kamloops … Read More

Nine dead dogs found in hoarder house

Nine dogs died before help arrived to a home in Benton County, Missouri. According to KMBC News, 31 dogs, who had been living in squalor, were rescued by the Animal Cruelty Task Force with the … Read More

Surrendered trio, including one blind dog, need a home together

Update: The dogs have been adopted (together!!)

A special threesome in Arizona is in need of a new home where they can live together. The trio, Tiny, Teddy and Lola, were surrendered by their family … Read More

Hunter finds 6 abandoned puppies with ‘Shoot Me’ on box

In an isolated area, two hours away from Dallas, Texas, a hunter and his wife came upon a most disturbing situation in the woods on December 30. The couple stumbled upon an old cardboard box … Read More

Pet owners relax – police aren’t authorized to arbitrarily shoot your dogs

After a judge recently ruled that police in Michigan were allowed to utilize deadly force against two dogs who were inside of a Battle Creek home (which was being searched for evidence of drugs), social … Read More

Pup with paralyzed hind legs rescued from street in Beirut

When researching the number of stray animals in the United States alone, the results are staggering and disheartening. Per the ASPCA Pet Statistics, approximately 7.6 million animals enter shelters across the nation annually; 3.9 million … Read More