Chihuahua rescued from 6-foot deep drain pipe

In San Diego, California, one frightened, tiny Chihuahua trapped in a six-foot storm drain owes her life to another dog, reports AbcNews10.

In Lincoln Park, some Good Samaritans noticed a dog peering into an eight-inch … Read More

Update: Neglected Sheltie undergoes surgery to remove football sized tumor

An update on Soldier’s condition still shows him to be in serious condition. According to the Arrow Fund’s Friday afternoon report, the dog’s tumor weighed five-and-a-half pounds. Another small tumor was also removed beneath the … Read More

German shepherd puppy loses leg after shot in random act of cruelty

A nine-month-old German shepherd puppy mix had to have his leg amputated after someone shot him in a random act of animal cruelty in Martinez, California late last week, reports NbcBayArea.

The friendly pup, now … Read More

Teen admits to shooting puppy with bow and arrow because it was a nuisance

In Madison County, North Carolina, an 18-year-old faces charges of felony animal cruelty after allegedly confessing to having shot a puppy in the neck with a bow and arrow, reports WlosNews.

On Thursday, Bryson Hensley … Read More

Writers lose platform, plead for a helping hand


Freelance writers, Cheryl Hanna and Penny Eims, provided current pet-related content to for the past several years. Earlier this month, unexpectedly shut down the site, leaving the writers without a source of income, … Read More

Dog dies on hike amidst extreme Arizona heat

aztrailThis week, on a day when the outdoor temperature near Arizona’s Superstition Mountains climbed to a scorching 107-degrees, a dog who had been taken on a hike perished from heat stroke. According to Wednesday’s release … Read More

Dogs 101: What to expect from your newly adopted dog


You did the right thing – you adopted a dog from a rescue or a shelter. You have bought all of the wonderful dog toys and treats and the best food and your expectations for … Read More

Bonded dogs, found as strays, rejected by their owner


Generally, when lost dogs are reunited with their owners, it is a joyous occasion. Sadly, that was not the case for Shadow and Kloe – two dogs who were recently picked up as strays in … Read More

Save the life of an unwanted pet – consider fostering


Everyday, the same question is repeated by readers of the National Dog News column…”what can I do to help?” Aside from sharing information about dogs in need, there is a life-saving act that is a … Read More